Chelsea’s Top 5 players in FIFA 18!

Chelsea’s Top 5 players in FIFA 18!

Release day is fast approaching for FIFA 18 and as it nears everyone is fairly excited. Hopefully they solved the FIFA 17’s issues and provide an even better gaming experience. And within that, the Premier League title defenders, Chelsea look to have a decent team to play with in FIFA 18.

Here are Chelsea’s top 5 rated players in the latest edition of the game!

5. David Luiz (86)

A deserved overall rating of 86, Luiz would make a good pick for the Ultimate Teams. He’s got good pace for a defender and should be able to reduce the number of counter-attacks and prevent those nasty through-balls from causing you havoc in your defense.
With an 81 in Physicality, Luiz will be tough to get rid of and is a great choice.

4. Cesc Fàbregas (86)

Cesc Fàbregas is the center of creation and plays as a box-to-box midfielder. He provides good stability to the defence and offers a threat in the attack.
Fàbregas has master passing traits. He’s the go-to man for those insane long balls that look to split the defense. With an overall of 86, Fàbregas offers to be a good pick although his pace is a liability.

3. N’ Golo Kanté (87)

N’ Golo Kanté never does stop running, he has great stats and is a great, cheap, and value for money pick.
Kanté has very well rounded attributes barring Shot. He offers a perfect balance to protect the defense and start a threatening counter-attack.

2. Thibaut Courtois (89)

The Belgian shot-stopper has been rated with a very impressive overall rating of 89.
At a Goliath-like height of 6’6″, Courtois is a brilliant pick to guard the goals. Quick reflexes and great diving make him a very good choice.
The former Atletico Madrid man is rated as one of the best goalkeepers in the world and his stats reflect the same.

1. Eden Hazard (90)

Chelsea’s highest rated player has a top-notch rating at 90. With 4-star skill moves and weak foot, Hazard guarantees stupefying defenders and sprinting away at blistering speeds.
If wing-play isn’t your style, Hazard is great for cutting into the center and lashing venomous shots that will certainly test the limits of any keeper. Hazard is truly one of the best picks for the Left Wing position!

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