'I have no regrets leaving Real Madrid' says Alonso

It was a big step leaving the Bernabeu, but not one the ambitious Spaniard seems to lament as he continues to impress with Chelsea.

Marcos Alonso
Marcos Alonso is delighted that he made the decision to leave boyhood club Real Madrid.
In 2010, the Spaniard left his hometown side for Bolton and has subsequently gone on to play for Fiorentina, Sunderland and now Chelsea.

Taking the decision to leave the Santiago Bernabeu was a big one, as he had been there since he was eight, yet the 26-year-old believes it was the right thing to do for his career.
“I lacked the patience to play there,” he admitted to Marca. “In my final season there, I got my debut but I wanted to play every week. When I had an offer from the Premier League, I had no hesitation. I don’t regret it. “When you are a kid, you aren’t mature and you want to get up and play every week. I didn’t do anything wrong. I’m very happy with my career and I want to improve even more.

“Real Madrid was my home for a long time and I’ve not forgotten it. I grew up there, I met a lot of people and I made my debut. There’s part of me that will always be there, I can’t deny it. To play for the first team was a dream.”

He admits, however, the decision for him to depart his homeland means he is not as recognisable as he might have been.

Asked if players who leave for abroad are valued less, he said: “They’re not valued less, but it’s true that they  are not as well known as those who are in Spain.”

However, he still believes that he can break into the national squad, with whom he has yet to debut.

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