Calling on Chelsea FC fans to see this for support

We at Chelsea F.C. my Religion are open and welcome to donations in any order that a fan of our work would wish to administer no matter how big or little.

Chelsea F.C. my Religion is a fan-driven website dedicated to Chelsea fans from around the world! Chelsea F.C. my Religion brings you the latest Chelsea News & Media for Chelsea Football Club, live and direct without hassle.

We at Chelsea FC my Religion believe we are doing a great job as we give our best, however, there is always need for improvement and we will appreciate any form of donation (no matter how low or high) to how we can improve this website.

We want to achieve a task and we're asking for sweetly help in aiding us solve the problem simply by DONATING TO US (even if it is only 1 cent!)

We are all a Team consisting of fans who all simply love and dedicate self to Chelsea Football Club. That is why we are pleading for your help in enable us accomplish the task before us.

JUST CLICK ON THE DONATE button below and input your desired amount you wish to send. Thank you so much. We love and appreciate it.

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