Maurizio Sarri to hire a Sports Psychologist

Maurizio Sarri has hinted at hiring a Sport's Psychologist at the club after considering "other reasons" for defeats.

Chelsea manager, Maurizio Sarri

Manager Maurizio Sarri has revealed he is open to the possibility of hiring a sports psychologist to help get his misfiring Blues players back on track.

He disclosed this though, after his side suffered their second defeat in the space of four Premier League games on Saturday, as Leicester's Vardy snatched the winner for the away side early in the second half.

The result and performance left Sarri insisting that the defeat was not because of any tactical issues, and claimed there was perhaps "other reasons" to explain his side's loss.

Sarri revealed (as quoted by the ​Daily Mirror): "I had a sports psychologist 15 years ago in Italy, but it was difficult, because the clubs were not ready then.

"But now we can talk about it - why not? The reason we lost was not our physical condition."

He added: "On Saturday, we were very good for 55 minutes and then two minutes after the goal we were in trouble. So I think there is another reason. We reacted a little shocked and with mental confusion. We had to only keep playing like we did before the goal, there was time to recover."

He admitted that it was a disaster and wouldn't like to talk about the title anymore. He added: "If we can't win these games, we can't compete. With all due respect, if we don't win these kind of matches, we don't need to speak about Liverpool or ​City."

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