Chelsea release angry statement as FIFA reject their transfer ban request

Chelsea have released a statement responding to FIFA’s rejection of their request to ‘suspend its sanction pending completion of the appeal process.’

In February it was announced Chelsea would be banned from signing any players for the next two transfer windows.
It was announced at the time that ‘the Disciplinary Committee sanctioned Chelsea with a ban on registering new players at both national and international level for the next two (2) complete and consecutive registration periods’ after an investigation into Chelsea’s dealings.
Though, it was always expected that Chelsea would appeal the decision in an attempt to have the ban suspended until after the next summer window. 
However, it was announced on Friday that FIFA had knocked that back. With that, Chelsea have responded and they are not happy in the slightest. 
The Londoners have slammed FIFA for their decision.
They explained that the club are ‘astonished’ by the decision and revealed their intent to appeal.
“Chelsea Football Club is astonished by the FIFA Appeal Committee’s decision not to suspend its sanction pending completion of the appeal process.
“The club acted in accordance with the relevant regulations and has already notified FIFA of its intention to appeal against the Disciplinary Committee’s decision and sanction.

“As a matter of procedural fairness and equality of treatment, and Swiss law, the Club’s right to an appeal process must be afforded, before any irremediable sanction takes effect. “So far as the Club is aware, in all previous cases where a registration ban has been imposed by FIFA, a decision has also been made to suspend the sanction until the appeal process has been completed.
“In this case, Chelsea considers that it is being treated inconsistently in comparison with other European clubs.
“We will consider our next steps once we have received the written reasons for this decision from FIFA.
“The Club notes the Appeal Committee’s statement that it has the right to appeal to CAS.
“In the meantime, the Club will continue to fully cooperate with the proceedings.”

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