Rüdiger in traveling Chelsea squad for Europa League final

According to Chelsea Fifth Stand app, injured Antonio Rüdiger, has traveled with the squad to Baku for the Europa League Final. 

Rudiger was part of the team on-board that flew to Baku

Chelsea defender Antonio Rüdiger has traveled with the Chelsea squad for Europa League final Wednesday and is quite sure not to feature in any order as recent surgery has definitely ruled him out.

Another good news is that Kanté “moved around freely” after driving himself to Cobham, according to a report by The Guardian.

He did still sit out Chelsea’s final training session ahead of the flight, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

On a positive note, Chelsea have decided to include academy players George McEachran, Connor Gallager and Jamie Cumming in their squad as the Europa League final allows a total of 12 substitutes to take place on the bench.

Due to our current injury crisis, this offers the perfect opportunity for the teenagers to scent the air on the biggest of stages.

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