Alvaro Morata says the players at Atletico Madrid respect him more and that he gets more confidence there

The Chelsea striker on loan to Atletico Madrid has said that he finds more confidence playing there.

Chelsea striker on loan to Atletico Madrid

The striker joining Atletico Madrid on temporary basis on an 18-month loan deal and has looked far more happier back home in the Spanish capital.

The Telegraph have reported that the Blues have threatened to recall Morata unless Atletico pay £50m to turn his loan deal into a permanent one this summer.

That wouldn't be a pleasant news for a player that has made it clear where he sees his future in a club other than that which wants him back.

"As I arrive at the training centre [at Atletico], you can see in people's faces when they trust you. When you are in the dressing room ahead a game, you see how your team-mates look at you," he told  Goal.

"At Chelsea there came a time when my team-mates, except for the Spaniards, well... you know, it is not the same when you play and you know that you give a pass to someone who is not going to do as well. You do not give the pass in the same way.

"And in the end, it is a situation that you cannot control: it is neither about being positive or negative, or about trying to have fun or being worried. It's the confidence that others have in you: your team-mates, the club... And I found it here at Atletico.

"I have said it many times: there is a moment in which there are things that surpass fame, money and everything. Thank God, at Atletico I've been able to have a bit of all of this, but I would love to be here every year that I'm able to play at the highest level.

"I want to stay at Atletico but, contractually, Chelsea can call me back. We will see what happens in the negotiations between them, but the two clubs already know what I want. I only ask, please, as I said to Atletico, do everything possible to do it as soon as possible.

"Because I just want to be here."


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