Chelsea announce list of released players

Chelsea have announced their list of released players from the club.

Chelsea announce list of release players
Premier League rules require all clubs to submit their retained and released lists, though the league notes that players signified as a "free transfer" or released by a club on the expiry of their contract on June 30 could still remain there next season.

In the list, Chelsea captain Gary Cahill and two of the clubs first team goalkeepers Eduardo and Robert Green are seen listed for the farewell.

Here's the list below:

  1. Gary Cahill
  2. Bradley Collins    
  3. Fankaty Dabo (Coventry City) 
  4. Eduardo  
  5. Robert Green  
  6. Todd Kane 
  7. Josimar Quintero 
  8. Ruben Sammut 
  9. Kyle Scott 
  10. Martell Taylor-Crossdale 
  11. Jared Thompson

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