Frank Lampard is a 'rookie' – Jenkins Samwed

A Facebook user named "Jenkins Samwed" has labelled incoming Chelsea manager Frank Lampard as a 'rookie'

Frank Lampard is a 'rookie' – Jenkins Samwed
The user was spotted to have made the statement that Frank Lampard was a 'rookie,' meaning Frank Lampard is an untrained or inexperienced manager for the Chelsea job.

He first commented on a post in the group "CHELSEA THE BLUE HOME" concerning the promise the Chelsea board has made to Frank Lampard to offer him an additional season with the Blues that why didn’t they (Chelsea) offer the job to Zola? Is Frank Lampard the messiah? And that it was a huge gamble to him.

Six hours later, he received a reply to his comment by another user named "Richard Sokoh" that quoted: What is your problem about frank Lampard been giving the Chelsea coaching job? yesterday you say Benitez today Zola( Jenkins Samwed)?” This means the day before he posted this, he said Benitez should have been given the nod as Chelsea boss but today he is insisting on Zola.

Now this was when he said Frank Lampard is a rookie. In reply to the above comment, Jenkins added; Richard Sokoh he’s a rookie period. We are not an experimental team for rookie coaches at this stage. 

If he’s been considered because he’s a club legend, I think Zola is also a club legend and has been in the dugout for a while. 

He understands the present day culture more. I might be wrong and if wrong I stand corrected. But until then I don’t think he’s a good fit for now.” 

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