Maurizio Sarri: Juventus’ history is bigger than Chelsea’s

Former Chelsea manager Maurizio Sarri in his first interview with Juventus has stated that Juventus’ history is bigger than Chelsea’s

Maurizio Sarri's first press conference with Juventus

Maurizio Sarri has given his first ever interview as Juventus manager, to the clubs in-house broadcasting service, whilst sitting in the Juventus dugout wearing a Juventus branded suit. 

In the video he begins by referencing Juventus amazing history, and saying it is greater than that of Chelsea’s, before praising the club’s vision for the future. 

He spoke fondly of his time in Chelsea, and of his desire to help Juventus catch up to the standard set by English teams recently. 

He goes on to discuss how some things work in some clubs, but not others, perhaps referencing his struggles with Chelsea and the style of play that was so disliked by the match going fans at Stamford Bridge.

He then acknowledges it will be tough to match the points totals Juventus have achieved in the previous five years and claims that having fun and entertaining the fans will be his legacy at the club. 

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