Premier League 2019/20 fixture release

When will Chelsea's fixtures for the 2019/20 Premier League season be released? All you need to know at this post.

Premier League trophy, Chelsea
The 2019/20 Premier League fixtures will be announced at 9am on Thursday 13 June. Don't forget that you can keep up-to-date with us to find out who Chelsea will be playing.

When will the Premier League season start? 

The 2019/20 campaign will begin on the weekend of Saturday 10 August.

How the fixtures will be decided.

There are a total of 380 matches and they are not simply randomly put together. The dates for international matches, European club competitions and FA competitions are factored in to leave the available dates to play league matches.

A fixture computer condenses the season into five 'sets' which are then reversed later in the season.

Clubs cannot play more than two home or away games in a row, although rearrangements can sometimes lead to that.

Many clubs are paired with another club and must never play at home in the same round of fixtures.

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