Real Madrid's managing director in London to finalize Hazard move

According to reports from AS in Spain and HLN in Belgium, Real Madrid are making their ‘final push’ for Eden Hazard as they send managing director José Ángel Sánchez to finalize the deal.

Chelsea's Eden Hazard | FOX Sports Asia
The fees reported by the papers are also diverting from each other tho. 

AS claims that Chelsea are asking for €120 million, although Madrid are not willing to go over €100 million for a player that only has one year left in his contract. 

While HLN says that Madrid would be willing to reach at most the €120 million mentioned by AS, with Chelsea asking for €130 million to let go of Eden.

That is the only issue that remains unsolved in the entire transaction. 

Contract terms have already been agreed upon between Madrid and Hazard’s representatives, and the only thing left is convincing Chelsea to let him move to Spain. 

But unlike most clubs, Chelsea are unyielding when it comes to selling their assets even when they are on precarious contractual situations like Hazard’s.

Madrid’s hopes were to announce Hazard’s signing today, but that is already off the table. 

He is set to join the Belgium national team for Euro 2020 qualifying games against Kazakhstan and Scotland over the next two weeks, and he will only be free for over-the-top ceremonies on Wednesday next week.

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