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Chelsea FC Cliq is a fan-driven website dedicated to Chelsea fans from around the world! 

Chelsea FC Cliq fully means "Chelsea Football Club Clique" which shows that it is a clique (group) of fans that come together to share the love and interests of Chelsea Football Club.

Also, this clique brings you the latest Chelsea News & Media for Chelsea Football Club, live and direct without hassle.

Chelsea FC Cliq: NETWORK

Chelsea FC Cliq is a site that is renovated from "Chelsea FC my Religion (cfcmyreligion.com -1st June, 2017)," then in May, 2019, became the now Chelsea Football Club Clique (Chelsea FC Cliq).

Thanks to the dedicated and talented team members that constantly monitor and keep up to date to write about the latest happenings in the world of Chelsea Football Club to keep its fans and faithful updated at all times, from pages and updates from various other Chelsea-based websites with on pitch and out-pitch actions, competitions, rumors, opinions and much more for the Chelsea faithful around the world.

Recently, we launched the LIVESTREAM tab where you get to stream LIVE Chelsea FC matches and watch Chelsea Football Club's Television programming.

A large part of the growth of course depends on you fans who consistently re-visit the site - its external pages and advises us and gives us recommendations, personal thoughts, corrections and updates etc.

You are the source of our support and the reason we are continual and want to do even better.
Thank you all Blues!

chelsea fc Cliq: THE TEAM

The Chelsea FC Cliq Team consists of fans like the rest of us all who simply love and dedicate self to Chelsea Football Club.

Do keep in mind that some articles written HERE are from various Chelsea-based websites and we do not hold the complete right to host the articles and most of the images here!

We also welcome players, officials, students, fans, critics etc to have his or her say about this website that we all love.
But do you fancy being a part of the team, have a message or question for us? Why not contact us!? We will get back to you shortly.

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